Healthy Coffee - Live long and prosper!
Monday, 17th May 2010
Healthy Coffee - Live long and prosper!

Ever wondered if what you are drinking is healthy coffee, or has it never even crossed your mind. There has been a lot of debate over the years about how healthy or unhealthy coffee is for the body. If you ask any doctor on the spot most of them would probably give you a vague answer that included eating and drinking everything in moderation. While is this a good rule of thumb, what if you knew that the cup of warmth that you enjoy every morning was actually healthy coffee?
Is Yours Healthy Coffee?

While there has been a lot of information in the past about how bad coffee may be for you, some more recent studies suggest that yours may be a healthy coffee! What has been found is that coffee may actually help the body fight against many different diseases such as cancer and even diabetes. While it looks as though coffee is safe to drink, you should not replace your fruits and vegetables with it, just yet!

Wondering what makes yours healthy coffee? Researchers believe that the antioxidants that are found in coffee can help reduce the risk of cancer in those that consume moderate amounts. In addition, coffee is also known to cleanse the bowels much more efficiently than would happen otherwise, which many believe is what can keep those that are prone to intestinal cancer from developing the disease. There are studies that link coffee to the reduction of instances in breast cancer as well as colon cancer, two very common types of cancer in the world today.

That healthy coffee has also been linked to prevention of diabetes. There was actually a study done that followed 28,000 different women for 11 years. Those women than drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 20% less likely to develop diabetes over the course of the study and the reduction in numbers was as high as 30-40% for women who drank decaf coffee instead of regular. These are astonishing numbers and has many people looking for more concrete information on this topic since diabetes has quickly become an epidemic in many parts of the world.

While you may drink healthy coffee, you have to remember what your doctor would say, that moderation is the key. You have to remember that as many benefits as coffee has it may also have some drawbacks if you drink it often. Coffee is known to cause problems with acid reflux, which can lead to health problems. If you have trouble sleeping you may find that there is no amount of healthy coffee for you, as coffee is known for keeping people up at night due to even very limited amounts of caffeine found in decaf varieties.
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